Special Annoucement

The Board of Education meeting this Tuesday, February 19th will start at 4:30 p.m.

School Administration
Board of Education

Jarred Lute

Jason Taylor

Dana Jenkins

Michael Adkins

Andy Lintz

Julie Smith


Northwest Local School District Administrative Office
800 Mohawk Drive, McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-5558  or Transportation: (740) 259-8565  Fax: (740) 259-3476

Mr. Todd Jenkins

Mrs. Terri Freeman
Assistant Superintendent

N o r t h w e s t  H i g h  S c h o o l
914 Mohawk Drive
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2366   Fax: (740) 259-8544
Evening Custodian: (606) 932-7000

Mr. R. Jason Burton
NHS Principal

Mr. Mike Armstrong
NHS Asst. Principal

N o r t h w e s t  M i d d l e  S c h o o l
692 Mohawk Drive
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2528  Fax: (740) 259-5731
Mr. Todd Shoemaker
NMS Principal
N o r t h w e s t  E l e m e n t a r y  S c h o o l
4738 Henley Deemer Road
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2250  Fax: (740) 259-2337
Evening Custodian: (606) 932-5000

Mr. B. Scott Martin
Principal, Grades K-2

Mr. Gregory M. Tipton
Principal, Grades 3-5

Support Services

Mrs. Rebecca Ketter
School Psychologist

Mrs. Terri Freeman
Curriculum & Special Education

Ms. Sharon L. Conley
Executive Assistant/Transportation Coordinator

Mrs. Jeannine Shelpman
EMIS Coordinator

Mr. Larry Patrick
Technology Coordinator

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